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In the present time, you need a marketing strategy to run your business. Whether you want to sale your products or services as much as you want, your main priority will be promoting your products or services just to let the consumers know about the type of service or products you are offering to them. So let us take a look at the types of marketing which are useful for a business.

Outbound marketing

The type of marketing where it takes place by pushing out a message is called Outbound marketing. Some of the examples of these types of marketing are cold calling, email blasts, printed ads and many more.

Inbound Marketing

In case of Inbound Marketing, it involves around attracting customer’s attention rather than direct interacting with them like as mentioned in the previous section. Over here you can place your business website in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), send emails or create some contents and post some interesting and attracting contents and post them in your website blog or social media pages. Overall, Inbound Marketing is actually a part of Digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the type of marketing where the marketing strategy is executed in the digital format.  There are various forms of Digital marketing which are as follows:-

1.     Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine marketing involves ranking your business website in the Google page or SERPs. The process can take place either through organic or unpaid way, which is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It can also take place in the a paid process through PPC (Pay Per Click).

2.     Social Media Marketing

As we all know that the most common social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Linked and Instagram. Some mistakes them as tools for entertainment. But if you make your business page in all of these or at least any one of the platforms and post interesting and post interesting and attractive contents and you might have a chance to get a very good engagements as your audience will not only get mesmerized by the images or video you shared, alongwith that they will also get a brief knowledge about your business, products or service.

3.     Content Marketing

Content marketing is a very reliable type of marketing both in the fields of Inbound Marketing and Digital marketing. It involves around creating platforms in various platforms whether it is website blog page or a social media business page. It consists of posting website blogs or articles, social media posts about which we already mentioned earlier and also eBooks and webinars are also a part of content marketing.

4.     Email Marketing

Another most common form of digital market in type is the Email Marketing. Over here you collect emails from some person personally or through any other source and send them emails. In the email you can simply write as a text and give a brief text about your business, products or service. You can also create a newsletter which will be kind of a attractive content like you do in social media. Whether you do plain text email or newsletter, you can also hyperlink you website and social media pages.

5.     Video Marketing

It is said that Video Marketing is the most effective form of marketing. It is the truth. It is also said that it also brings a handsome ROI (Return on Investment) to the business owners and marketers. Though YouTube has been a video streaming platform for quite a long time. Later platforms like Vimeo, even Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn has also opened their arms in the field of Video Marketing.

Public relations (PR) marketing

This form of marketing is suitable in the B2B (Business to Business) Marketing sector. It involves partnering with a news source to generate activities related to your brand or business.

Brand marketing

Creating a good perception and reputation is what involves or matters in Brand Marketing. It holds various aspects whether it is visually or verbally. Though the other forms of marketing needs research before executing the process, over here alongwith a thorough research about one’s current business position in the market, another thing to keep in mind that to create a memory and uniqueness about your brand to your audience or customers.

Affiliate marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, the process takes place by working hand to hand with another business type similar type as yours but who is not your direct competitor. For that you work with the partner company with the help of their website page or social media page or both. This process in common among influencers or in Influencer marketing strategy.

So now you know the types of marketing that is involved or that can be involved in a business. Through this blog you now have a idea that which types of marketing can be opted in a business – a direct marketing by directly interacting with the customers or indirectly through online or digital medias.

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