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There are many aspects to creating an effective online marketing strategy. One of the key components to SEO for Small Business is proper online marketing. Without being properly optimized, a website faces the risk of never being found in search engine results pages (SERPS) and never seeing any sales.
To remind you why SEO is still a crucial part of the online marketing formula, here are five top benefits that your small business website can obtain by utilizing a well-formed SEO strategy.
Top 5 Benefits of SEO for Small Business


When a thorough search engine optimization strategy is put in place on your website, it creates a specific plan for every page. This results in pages that are optimized for Google’s crawlers and gives them the information that they need to feed the algorithm that determines rankings.

This is done by optimizing individual title pages and producing content that is relevant to specific keywords and keyword phrases. When all of that occurs, top positions are given to your pages in the SERPS. Make sure to read my post about writing copy for search engine optimization.

That results in an influx of increased traffic to your website and a higher chance of targeting not just impressions but clicks from customers who are interested in your specific products or services.

If you include that with the creation of a killer website and well-planned site architecture, you have a recipe for better traction in your niche. Whether your business is in San Diego, or anywhere else a quality website is key.

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Keeping up with competition

Just Keeping up with competition may be okay for some businesses, but you have a great advantage to increase sales and pass by rivals by incorporating a few tactics from SEO. Search engine optimization provides you with the ability to check out the competition and see which keywords they are using to drive traffic.

57% of customers say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site and 40 percent have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad experience. (Source: Google)

This gives you the ability to take those keywords and check them against your keyword list. If you discover that you are not using any of those keywords or keyword phrases, you can create new pages that are specially made to highlight those keywords.

In fact, it is good practice to take popular keywords from your SEO competition and place them on specific pages of your website. This provides your business with more valuable content that can attract potential customers

With haphazard planning and no search engine optimization implementation on your site, search engines have no idea how to categorize your products or services. There is a specific way that content should be placed on your site so that it is not only highly enticing to potential customers but readable by search engine robots that scan its pages.

You will achieve better conversion rates when search engine optimization tactics are used. This includes using natural language and keywords throughout your content that is not spammy. It also includes optimizing images and videos, disavowing malicious backlinks or creating new content that is optimized.

Return On Investment SEO

ROI, Return on Investment

Search engine optimization is highly measurable. The results are the same if you sell physical goods or only services — SEO works. Every aspect of your SEO efforts can be tracked and measured. One of the most important factors is monitoring traffic and watching your conversions.

February 2015 polling by Econsultancy showed that 73% of in-house marketers and 76% of US agencies said SEO provided an excellent or good return on investment (ROI). (Source: eMarketer)

By drilling down to a marketing strategy that engages with specific demographics, you can see how searches are being performed. If you have a website that sells physical products, you’re able to track the one keyword or keyword phrase that was used to make a sale.

Service-based businesses can attribute keywords to contact forms that generate leads.

These tactics will lead to a higher ROI as you consistently can refine which keywords you use to drive traffic to your website.

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Brand Awareness For Your Company Through Higher Rankings

The credibility of your business plays a significant role in how people determine which links they will click when searching for specific products or services. It’s well known that people perceive the top listings in the SERPS as being the most credible and trustworthy.

Google wants to give people a great user experience and places brands with valuable information at the top. These listings gain a significant amount of impressions and can result in an increase of brand awareness for your business.

Being on the initial page of a popular keyword or phrase helps customers and potential customers associate specific keywords with your brand.

It also increases the level of trust between you and your client base. When the pages from your website consistently reach and are seen at the top levels of the SERPS, it initiates a higher standard of trust that should produce more conversions and sales.

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