How Many Backlinks Does a Website Need to Rank on Google?

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How many backlinks do I need to rank this website in Google is a common query that we receive.

Most website owners know that backlinks are among Google’s most significant ranking factors.

The problem is that creating backlinks takes a lot of time, money, and effort.

So how do you determine how many backlinks to create?

I’ll walk you through the three-step procedure for calculating how many links you’ll need to create in order to rank any page on your website for any keyword.


How many Links must I Create?

I wish there was a general response to this query. But in reality, there isn’t.

Each and every keyword, market, and the search result is unique.

It will take some time to determine how many backlinks you truly need, but happily, it’s much simpler than it sounds!

Follow the steps mentioned below:


Step 1: Determine which pages you need to build links to 

Not all pages are worthwhile for linking to.

It’s unexpected, isn’t it?

You should only concentrate on creating links to web pages with keywords that drive traffic and sales to your online store.


Step 2: Calculate the gap in backlinks between you and your competitors

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of target keywords, you may determine the “link gap.”

The amount of backlinks required to land one of Google’s top three positions for a specific term is known as the link gap.

In the end, here is where you want to be.

Reflect on it

Once you are aware of the required number of links, you can calculate:

What the price will be.

How much time it will take.


What comes next?

Create the links you require!


Step 3: Begin developing your backlinks

For many SEOs, link building is the most challenging aspect.

Some people choose to outsource it (see approach #2), while others feel secure enough to handle it themselves (see way #1).

Decide which method is ideal for you based on the demands of your own company.


Method #1: Copy the top backlinks of your rivals

My preferred link-building technique is backlink analysis.

I always get the best results from it in the shortest length of time.

The first thing you need to do is locate your main rivals in the search results. Simply conduct a fast Google search for your desired keyword to achieve this.

Your main competitors are the top-ranked websites.

Use Ahrefs to perform a thorough backlink analysis of the top 5 competing websites for your target term.

You may determine their “best backlinks” by doing this (aka the backlinks you want to replicate).

You now have all the information you require.

The final step is to determine how they got the link. Is it a…

  • Blog comment?
  • Guest post?
  • Forum post?

You are trying to replicate whatever it was.

Simply get in touch with the website and propose a guest post, for instance, if it was a guest post. Pretty basic, yes?

Why this works so well is as follows:

  • A website is more likely to link to you if it is previously linked to one of your competitors.
  • You can obtain more links of good quality with much fewer work thanks to it.


Method #2: Order the Links You Need To Rank

Even with a great link-building strategy, seeing returns takes time and commitment.

Due to this, a lot of business owners choose trustworthy link-building services to handle their link-building requirements.

The advantage is that you can figure out how many links you’ll need to rank and then just go out and buy them. That is the easiest it gets, right?


Why Is Backlink Building Important?

Link building is now a crucial component of SEO.

It will be difficult for you to rank for challenging keywords if you don’t build any high-quality links. Here are three compelling reasons to increase your backlink profile.


You can Improve your Rankings with Backlinks

Links are viewed by Google as endorsements (or votes).

The more trusted websites that recommend you, the better you will rank in search results. That makes logical, no?

Building links from other high authority sites is crucial.

Your website receives a portion of that authority, which increases the likelihood that Google will give it a higher SERP ranking.


You can Increase your Search Traffic with Backlinks

What occurs when your website gains more traffic?

You increase organic traffic, plain and simple.

The best thing, though?

This traffic has excellent targeting.

You may be sure that you are receiving high-quality traffic when your website ranks for pertinent and valuable keywords.


Backlinks can Help you Build More Credibility

The level of authority indicates how likely you are to rank in Google.

More authority equals a higher number.

You must create more backlinks if you want to raise domain authority. In the SERPs, you can gain a competitive advantage in this way.

When your website is an authority, it will be:

  • harder for rivals to surpass you
  • You may rank for more keywords more easily.

You gain a benefit from link building that is difficult to lose.

That is what gives it its great strength (and importance).


Final Wrap Up

You now have it.

You now have the knowledge necessary to compute the precise number of backlinks required to rank any page for any keyword on Google.

To consistently rank your high-value website pages for the relevant keywords, you simply need to follow the procedures outlined above.

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