SEO vs SMO: Which one to choose for your Business?

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You have got a new good-looking and user-friendly website for your business. But it’s of no use. There is only one reason behind it – Nobody can see it and nobody can find it. 

If this is the main issue you are facing currently, then there is only one solution – opting for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In this method of Digital Marketing, SEO helps your website to rank on the first page of the search engine, Google. 

Along with this, you can also opt for another form of Digital Marketing and it is called SMO (Social Media Optimisation). In the case of SMO, it is a technique that is used to promote your business and brand awareness with the help of various social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and lots more, and that too in an organic method. It is mostly used for local businesses mainly to reach the maximum number of reaches of users of the particular platform(s). Also, it refers to optimizing a website and its content to motivate the maximum number of users and share links to your website, social media, and other networking websites so that it can help in increasing online presence and website visibility. So in a way, both SEO and SMO help in driving traffic to a website. 

An Important Connection between SEO and SMO

The optimized use of Social media is the SMO. It consists of RSS feeds, blogs, forums, videos, and websites such as Facebook and Twitter, that help in enhancing the reach of your business. The communities and groups that are on Social media, also help in generating traffic to your website and hence help in creating awareness about your business. SMO involves in sharing the content of the website on social media. An important part of SEO is SMO and there are a lot of similarities to it. 

SMO and SEO are both budget-friendly ways of expanding your business and creating publicity. However, there are a lot of differences between both.

Difference between SEO and SMO



Is are used to get your business gets visible in the Search Engine.  Used for business marketing. 
Helps in driving and increasing traffic to your website.  Helps in long and strong support by connecting with your proposed customer. 
It is done by creating changes in the meta descriptions the title tags of the HTML code, and also by selecting the right keyword.  It is used to spread awareness and information about your business and its products or service by sharing posts consisting of texts, images or videos, tags, and many more on Social Networking websites and applications. 
It focuses on the contents which are readable by the search engine crawlers.  It focuses on the contents which are only readable by humans. 
It does not help to connect you with your potential customers. It is customer friendly, one can connect to the customers through SMO and even get feedback and information from them. 
It is a time taking method.  In the case of showing results, it is a concrete and quick method. 
It can be done without relying on strong profiles and networking.  It depends on strong networking and profiles. 
With trusted domains, SEO is very effective and it has got a positive effect on all the pages including the new ones.  With new submissions, it helps in keeping the flow of traffic.

Why do you Require to apply both SEO and SMO for your Business?

Both SMO and SEO are interlinked to one. Webpages and web links that are shared on Social media and liked help in receiving a great amount of traffic to that website and hence gain good ranks in the search engine. Every like on that share is similar to a vote and hence it helps in the improvement of ranking. A new website or blog can draw visitors easily and that too with the help of SMO. The enduring effect of SEO rankings is possible through the early success of social media. So overall, both SEO and SMO can help in improving website ranking and increase website traffic and hence can improve acclamation and success to your website. The fusion of SEO and SMO is very necessary if you are running an online business that is too successful and wants to be more successful. To do the same you can strategize the effective use of SEO and SMO. 

Final Wrap-Up

So now we come to know that the purpose of both SEO and SMO are a lot similar, ie., driving traffic to the website so that we can improve reliability, increase profitability, and brand building. However, the processes are quite distinctive. SEO uses the rules of a search engine to compel traffic or visitors to that particular website in such a way that the designs, codes, and keywords of the websites should be appropriate. To drive content to an important audience with the help of social networking websites and applications, is what is done in SMO.

We should also keep in mind, a maximum number of people use social media mobile applications daily and a few petty users, especially during and after the COVID pandemic, have also become Social media celebrities with the help of applications like TikTok and Instagram. They also help in influencing the products of certain brands, so why not they would do the same for you?

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