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Online advertising is quite an expensive platform and within a couple of years it’s total spends will reach more than 500 billion USD. The reason is that it has a huge number of users all over the world.

But opting for only an ad is not your only option, you have to optimise your ad campaign as well to outperform your competitors and to make sure you are spending the right amount. One of the best parts of optimizing your ads regularly is ad testing either through A/B Testing and ad rotation.

Along with all these, another thing that we need to keep in mind is Ad Copy Testing. Let’s get a full breakdown about it through this blog.


What is Copy Testing?

Ad Copy Testing is a special field in marketing research which helps in determining the effectiveness of an advertiser based on the behavior, responses and feedback of the customer. 

Though copy testing is an important part of an ad campaign, within the past couple of decades, most of the marketers started neglecting thinking it outdated, costly and time taking. So Automated Copy Testing was introduced.


What is Automated Copy Testing?

The newer model of Copy Testing is Automated Copy Testing. Over here softwares is used to send variations to the public who are registered for giving feedback. You can reduce your time and cost by crowd sourcing your ad campaign test. Automated Copy Testing resolves datas for you with built-in modern analytics.


A/B Testing – All you need to know

A/B Testing or Split Testing is the process to test your ad campaign and to resolve its impacts and performance. It helps in understanding your audiences’ responses and helps you optimize the ad campaign that you will run in the future. It helps in making your ROI more.

But it would be a great issue if we ignore the cost when we are opting for A/B Testing. How?

One out of every 7 A/B Tests are successful. There are a lot of optimisers who are using A/B Testing fully and without proper utilization.

Copy Testing can give you both qualitative and quantitative data but on the other hand A/B Testing gives you concrete data. But there is a drawback for an A/B Testing – it might give you untrustworthy data as well.

How to get the most out of copy testing

There are three ways from where you can understand that your AD Copy resting is giving you better results:-

  1.   Target your copy Testing group in the similar way as you perform in your Ads.
  2.   Make an appropriate query
  3.   Make sure of actionable datas.

Retrieve more from Copy Testing

So now you got to know the impact of Ad copy Testing. It’s obvious that right now you might be getting the appropriate insights by asking the appropriate and proper questions.

Like any other Digital Marketing strategies, Copy Testing can be useless and expensive if not done properly. But if you perform it well, you will not only save hundreds and thousands of dollars, but you can also get very good results from your Ads.

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